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About The Looniest Toon

Hi! I am The Looniest Toon! I am a Bedroom Pop Artist who collaborates with musicians all over the Country! I'm looking for new and creative ways to fund my projects, pay the musicians and artists I collaborate with, and grow the DIY art scene! I am extremely excited to say I am working on some incredibly cool projects with musicians and artists all over that desperately need funding!

One project I have been working on is a web series on YouTube called the Nighty Night Concert Series! This is a weekly live stream of mini concerts, interviews, and jams with The Looniest Toon and guest artists. Another project is a collaborative album called Project Loon. This album will be co-written and featuring different indie artists all over the Country! The newest project I am working on is the Eclectic Collection, An artist organization and network that provides affordable DIY events for the community. Along with all of this, I am also working on writing another solo album, acquiring gear, and saving up money to tour around the Country while I pay my way through Graduate School.

Contributing to this Patreon doesn't just make it possible for me to complete my projects and share my art, but also makes it so I can reach out and work with Musicians and Artist all over the world, and pay them for all their hard work! Along with what you receive with each tier, you'll also have excess to exclusive The Looniest Toon content you can't find anywhere else! This includes behind the scenes clips, photos, and videos. I will also be posting weekly videos of my creative process and project updates!

If being a Patron isn't financially possible for you no worries! You can also support my art here! Every little bit helps! Even a follow, share, or nice comment :)
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