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Your name will be mentioned in the "Special Thanks" section of the show and website. You will also receives special offers, and exclusive deals from the M.a.D. Merch Store.
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In addition to all previous rewards, you will receive a signed copy of The MAD Love Game - A fun, sexy, and exciting relationship game created by Marla and Dave, perfect for parties!




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Why Patreon?
Unlike other crowdsource funding programs such as Kick-Starter, Indiegogo, and others designed to raise one large sum of money to fund a single project, Patreon is about supporting those who create content on an ongoing basis. In a world full of creative people, Patreon connects patrons directly with their favorite creators and gives them the ability to appreciate their creative efforts responsibly. We chose this site because it allows those who appreciate what we do to tip us, so to speak, and help us reach milestones that will facilitate the growth and project development of other M.a.D projects. Your contributions will give us the freedom to create, without the pressure of compromising our content just for the sake of making money. You, the patron, can set a budget, and put guarantees in place, so you never contribute more than your budget can bear, regardless of the frequency of the posted content. Always remember, even though Patreon allows you to show your support through your contributions, our content will never be withheld from our viewers because you may not be able to afford, or even want to offer monetary support. Of course a good old fashioned, Facebook “Like”, Twitter “Retweet”, or Instagram comment will always make us feel M.a.D love!
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Our fifty minute show is packed with fun, and engaging conversation. Your contribution and support will help us cover the production cost's of bringing you The Marla And Dave Show.
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