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Currently not making videos- I'm still leaving this page up for now, so be aware of this if you're considering donating. I hope to get the regular updates I planned (or similar) going eventually, but am currently not in a position to make regular updates. I may change the format of the updates to better fit my current capacity for making videos. If you're a Patron, then I'll make sure you know about any changes being made. 
Just throwing this out there- I'm not in as good a position as I was hoping to make videos full-time- I just want to make sure this is known- I really hate the thought of ripping anyone off. Thanks for reading.

Hey there, I'm Jay Statham, AKA MegaJ! Thanks for visiting my Patreon- you just got a heck of a load of cool points! I make a silly YouTube show about video games that I love! 
Click on this lovely line of text to check out my channel! How nice of it.

Games is gud. I love a good angry review as much as the next person, but I wanted to celebrate what's great, interesting and fun about the games we love in a more positive way, making a fool of myself along the way! (That part is very easy) 

My videos currently come in two flavours- 'MegaJ' and 'MegaJ Mini'-


My full-sized episodes (the ones which require the most work) are the regular 'MegaJ' ones- these episodes tend to be substantially longer, being 10 minutes+ in length, usually, and are filled with lots of elaborate editing, live-action scenes and special effects (some of them are even made of cardboard! Fancy.) These episodes tend to have some kind of unusual theme or setup framing the actual game-talk. Some might even have little storylines! Oscar-worthy. These full-sized episodes are released roughly once a month, since they're pretty time-consuming. I'll try to get them out more regularly as I streamline things!

MegaJ Mini

My 'MegaJ Mini' episodes fill the gaps between the full episodes! Mini episodes are short commentaries and scenes on any little pieces of games I want to talk about, varying from sharing memories about a game, pointing out something interesting, weird, or often overlooked, or just basically saying "Look at this thing! This thing is cool. This is a thing what I like." I even have some ongoing series of Mini episodes planned, alongside the regular 'random game thing I want to talk about' episodes, so there's plenty of variety!
Mini episodes are much quicker to fully create since they're far simpler (though occasionally, I can't resist throwing in some fun little edits or scenes) and so are released much more regularly- usually at least once a week. Mini episodes tend to land in the 2-7 minutes range in length, depending on the content.

There will occasionally be other types of videos too- usually videogame-related, but occasionally just some other fun, nerdy thing I want to share with you and have some fun with!

I hope to expand the show as I go- improved video quality, audio, green-screens, new types of videos, etc., so quality is likely to increase over time!

Any and all support is super-super appreciated, you lovely awesome person, you! Your support goes directly into improving my recording setup, and keeping my content interesting. I'm trying to do this stuff properly, so supporting me on Patreon ensures that the show keeps going, and that you keep getting a steady stream of content!

Thank you, you cool, cool people!
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