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The first level of access: Articles about tarot and astrology, and access to exclusive discounts on readings and Victorian jewelry on my site, The Midnight Rose.
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I'm Diana, a regular Renaissance woman with many interests, but the Victorian aesthetic -- particularly mysticism, seances, and tarot cards -- has held a special place in my black heart since I was a wee girl.

You know that first episode of Penny Dreadful when Miss Ives sat in her parlor drawing tarot cards? Yeah, I nearly lost my mind. This is where I intend to indulge that obsession, as well as a few other choice places online (including my new jewelry site dedicated to Victorian gothic,  The Midnight Rose.)

So what is Patreon? Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. That means artists, musicians, writers, and more can devote all of their time to creating amazing content for their fans and patrons.

Starting at just $1 per month, all Tea and Tarot Readings patreons get exclusive access to articles on learning tarot and astrology, general horoscope trends, and "tarotscopes," as well as sales and coupon offers for readings and jewelry. But higher level patrons also get personal tarot readings without the annoying "per minute" meter ticking away, and personalized monthly astrology forecasts based on their real birth date, time, and location. 

What past email clients have said about my email readings:

“Thank you so very much for such a well detailed, genuine, and thoughtful reading. For a relatively new tarot reader, I find it obvious you have a gift. This reading really resonates with me, and really hit home.”


“Thank you, Diana, that was wonderful! I can tell you trusted your instincts and impressions, and even though parts may have been odd or confusing to you, they were spot-on and meaningful to me. Definitely keep trusting your instincts! In all ways your reading rang true.“

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