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About Welcome to The Midside


For the uninitiated to Robert Heinlein (or Milton Friedman), that's "There ain't no such thing as a free podcast." And Heinlein would certainly agree that The Midside is a harsh mistress.

Why Support Our Show?

Because we give great pod. Or because our per episode costs are as follows:

Podbean Hosting ($10 per month / 4): $2.50
Website Hosting: ($10 per month / 4): $2.50
Recording Hours ($20 per hr x 2 hrs x 3 people): $120
Editing Hours ($20 per hr x 2-3 hrs x 1 person): $60

Total Costs Per Episode:  $185

Yes, the last two costs are potential, but that potentiality is the point. We could potentially be doing anything; and if we weren't making the show you enjoy show so much, we'd most likely choose to make money. (Ok, fine, we'd just-as-likely find something to binge watch.)

Thanks again, and, as always:
Have a day. 

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