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Hello folks! I'm Joules, better know as ThisMightyNeed/Dimo! Your local cryptic artist of comics, wonders & horrors!

As you might already know, I'm a I am a self employed illustrator living in a very small town somewhere in Mexico, so there is like a minus hundreds of jobs opportunities near by, so yeah, kind of awful luck there. Here you will fidn lot of my private process and so on, hope you enjoy it!

All support I get from here goes to things like paying food & services, computer maintance, medical bills and school debts, so remember that any contribution, no matter how small, is super appreciated! I try posting a couple of times once a week! Thank you a lot for helping me on it!!

***I try posting a couple of times by week but I can get kinda slow on anthologies & zines periods, after it I post a bunch of brand new material***

But if monthly payments aren't not your thing, you can always donate to my ko-fi!
You can also commission me if you are interested ❤❤❤
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You are great and have all my gratitude!

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With this goal I will be able to start paying different needs of my living circumstances, help my family and keep some of it for future saving, thanks to that I will start having more free time to create and start more developed projects!!
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