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About The Motorcycle Obsession

The Motorcycle Obsession is a website and YouTube channel dedicated to the experiences and adventures found by hopping on one of those two-wheeled machines your grandmother warned you about and twisting the throttle. With bike and gear reviews, (questionable) advice, travel stories, and occasional bits of news, the goal of TMO is to inspire existing riders and encourage new ones.

TMO was founded by Texas-born Chris Cope as a way of channeling his... well... obsessive interest in bikes. Initially it was just a blog – over time, though, it's taken on a different focus, sharing other riders' stories and seeking to embolden readers' passion for riding.

Why should you become a patron? Hopefully you share TMO's passion for riding and telling the stories of riding in an honest and enthusiastic way. We don't pay too much attention to things like SEO or keywords, which means we are excruciatingly poor. With your support, TMO can continue to avoid clickbait tricks and simply focus on good writing and good storytelling.

How will TMO spend your money? Your monthly contribution will be evenly split into covering costs in four key areas:
1) Hookers
2) Blow
3) Hookers and blow
4) Gas money
We may be lying about those first three. Basically, our immediate hope is that patrons will be enthusiastic enough that we can "keep the lights on" – literally and figuratively. Ultimately, however, the hope is to grow large enough to include regular voices from respected moto-journalists and writers who deserve to be paid well. Additionally, we'll be increasing and improving our video production as resources allow.

How does it work? You can become a patron by clicking the big BECOME A PATRON button over on the right. You can pledge any amount of money that you like, and you can change that amount at any time. Effectively, you'll be signing up for a monthly subscription.

What do you get in return? Patrons will be able to see new videos before they go public, as well as help determine which bikes we cover in reviews. As a patron, we see you as something of a shareholder, so we'll be seeking your opinion and input as to the direction of the site. In the coming weeks and months, we'll also be working to come up with some additional incentives we can offer those of you who are particularly supportive. Since this whole thing feels a lot like public radio membership, we're thinking a The Motorcycle Obsession tote bag is an absolute must. 
$222 of $400 per month
When we earn $400 (a rough estimate of how much such a trip would cost in petrol and ferry tickets) Chris will ride a Harley-Davidson Street Bob to all four of the UK's capital cities – Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London – delivering both an article and video of the experience.
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