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The writing prompt will be one of three, and typically between 2000-5000 words long. These could be one shots, or a miniature series. 

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About IdeasGuy

Hello, IdeasGuy here. 

I've been an avid reader for most of my life and in the past year, I've started writing myself. Most of it is in the forms of various fanfictions but recently I've begun working on my own original novel. My fanfictions will always remain free and will always be continued, this page is more of a way for you to donate to me so I can devote more time to writing and producing more chapters for you to read. Think of it as a digital tip jar, completely optional but appreciated. 

My goal for doing this is to help me pursue my passion for writing. As of right now, I work a full-time job, a part-time job and go to school part-time on top of that. There's just not much time to write but I hope to change that with this and your help. My hope is to make enough that I can drop one of my jobs so I can devote more time to making chapters for all of you to enjoy.

If you like my work, if it gives you any enjoyment, if it makes you smile, then ask yourself if you would like more of it. If the answer is yes, then please consider supporting me for whatever you can.

Why monthly!? - I believe this system offers the least risk to you all. The other option is "per chapter" and I do have various fictions in progress, a charging system based on that would be incredibly harsh on people and offer a lot of uncertainty in terms of how much you'd end up paying. This is safer, you know exactly what you're getting, and how much you're paying for it.
$6 of $250 per month
My first mile stone! Hitting this would roughly cover a paycheck from my part time job. Meaning I could reduce my hours accordingly and spend more time writing. 

You can expect a sharp increase in frequency in updates to all my stories when I hit this mark.
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