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About TheMrDeivid

Hey, I'm a 19 years old Portuguese guy.

I'm currently working not studying as most of people that're 19 years old. And sadly was not my choice, the consequences of life made me to choose that decision.

Thanks for being here!
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My goal at this moment, is earn some extra money so I can start and live my life.

Hey guys, I'm a 19 years old guy from Portugal who needs your help.
I left my studies because I needed to get a job to earn money so I could pay my stuff, but right now my job isn't enough, I took some inspiration from twitch streamer, so I created my own twitch, for 2 weeks I worked on everything to look good, now that I'm ready I'm afraid of people's reaction, I'm afraid that my stream won't be good enough to people join in and know me and support me.
What's worst in this situation is that I have to move out of the apartment that I'm right now and I will need to buy a new one, my job doens't get me the enough money so Twitch was one of my last resources, and as I told you, I'm afraid that the streams aren't good enough for people to join in, so i'm here trying out Patreon so people could know me better and maybe make a connection with me, because of course, money it's not everything but it helps, one of my other reason to do Twitch streams, to know more people.

You have here my Twitch channel:
Even if you don't donate, I'm glad that you've read my goal. 

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