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  • You get the Finished MP3 to listen to way before the video is created and slated for YouTube!   
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  • Get to see cool or goofy(mostly cool) looking shots from the upcoming videos
  • Updates on the next songs and WIP of the current songs being recorded
  • Plus all previous rewards
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  • Thanks for your awesome support, your name will be shown in the outro in this tier (you can request special colors, or Hex Codes if you want my life to be a little easier , for your name if you want!)
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About Mr. Feral

Hey all, I decided to actually make a Patreon page for those of you who want to support my music.  For the longest while I've been contemplating creating  one simply because I felt I couldn't say what hasn't already been said or do something someone else on here hasn't already done.  However, I feel that's not a good enough reason to prevent any potential fan from being able to support me and feel  my gratitude towards them for being able to do so.

So that's where we are currently, a short start but I do have every intention to develop a better Patreon page that my fans would love to support.  That means more creative rewards, which could take time since I don't have a lot of time to spend thinking about possible rewards, goals we can work to building a better Patreon and more!

So, for all of you that came here and want to support my content, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.  Also, don't go into debt to support me.  It's awesome to know you want to but you shouldn't burden yourself to support me if you can't afford it.
$14 of $50 per Music Cover
Medley mayhem unlocked:

If we get to this goal, I will create a poll or something for you guys to submit songs from a game into a 10 minute medley mash up.  This will obviously take up some time to create so be patient  when we reach this goal!
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