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The New Herald is a journal of political and cultural commentary, social thought, and provocative ideas organized around the principle of pluralistic and open discourse. Our intention is to provide a space for an extended, earnest conversation on the things that matter: culture, politics, history, and the meaning of our modest place in the world. These conversations–regardless of disciplinary or subjective origin–all broach the persistent and significant questions of our time: the challenges of living in the modern world, the issues inherent in democracy, and the phenomena of being human.

We are committed to introducing new voices and ideas, and sharing them with anyone willing to engage with the essential questions of our era. By incorporating a variety of viewpoints, we hope to challenge ourselves and our readers to engage in the necessary business of living meaningfully together. The New Herald aims to be a space for epistemic humility and self-evaluation. A place for civil discourse, intelligent dialogue, honest debate, and perpetual learning.

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Almost a year after our founding, we have had considerable success creating a space for such conversations. As a result, our community of readers and writers is growing, and our scope is expanding alongside readership. Addressing this expansion requires more effort and time from the Masthead, as well as more content from our writers. Funding is now needed to facilitate more and better content, a broader online presence, and perhaps even a print issue. Unaffiliated with any parent institution, we are in need of your help; we need your support to sustain our outfit and to secure a future for this publication. With the support of monthly pledges or one time donations, you can be a part of The New Herald's future.
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