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Anything helps and I want to say thank you so much for even considering support me and the content I create. You're apart of making someone's dream come true. As a thank you I'll put your name and even a social media account in my credits at the end of every video while you're supporting my channel!
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Thank you so much Takoyaki friends for helping me create new and entertaining content. You are the appreciated like Takoyaki without the burn. You'll get early access to my newest videos here on my Patreon blog as long as you're supporting! 
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Don't you love side dishes with your ramen?! Along side of the Takoyaki rewards as a huge thank you for your monthly contribution I'll send you a digital high res copy of a photo off my instagram of your choosing!

(I still own the rights to the photo, so please do not attempt to make money off of it.) 




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Creating videos, traveling Japan and doing photography are things I love doing and am passionate about. My dream is to be able to do this full time while sharing everything with you and inspiring others to follow their passions as well.

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