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I started as an entrepreneurial venture in June of 2015 because I was frustrated with much of the local news coverage in the Kansas City Northland. Every major news outlet and newspaper in the Kansas City metro is owned by a larger company that has no stake in our community. was founded to address that need. 

I believe that a local news source should follow some basic principles:

  • People are generally good and there are more positive things that happen in our community than negative.
  • The local school board, the local county commission, the local city council, and your state government is as important, if not more so, than the actions of those in Washington, DC.
  • A news source should never be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions of those in elected office no matter their party.
  • If a story is dark, it must serve some good to be reported. Simply showing up with a camera at a crime scene is unproductive, gossipy, and rude.
  • Private business is the backbone of any community and they deserve a platform that is clean and modern so that they can communicate clearly with potential consumers. Advertising should be affordable for the small business owner.
  • Freedom, Liberty, and open markets are fundamental principles of a successful society, if a news source ever shows any bias, it should tilt in this direction.
  • America was founded from the bottom up, not the top down. A news source and its coverage should reflect those principles.
The local news outlets spend too much time covering the latest murder or crime. They spend a lot of time on meaningless news from other locations. Rarely do they spend much time covering the local school board or the local city council. The news that matters to our lives in our local community is often missed or outright ignored by the bigger outlets.

Americans trust in the news media has fallen to an all-time low. In late 2016, Gallup reported that polling data showed only 32% had “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust in the mass media.

It's understandable and it's deserved. The media feeds people a diet of darkness that we intuitively know doesn't reflect our daily experience. We know there is more going on in our communities that matter, but we fail to see those stories delivered to a broader audience.

Historically local news sources have been funded by two sources of revenue: subscriptions and advertising.

These news sources have been supported primarily by subscriptions and supplemented by advertising. The Internet creates unique challenges for a news source: either erect a paywall or run off of advertising revenue. For a start-up like, the latter can be challenging as it takes a while to establish an audience, and I'm not fond of the former.  

I guarantee you waste at least $1 a month on something. Instead, consider investing that $1 a month in and help me build a new kind of local news source that is modern, that believes the Northland matters, that people matter, that community matters, Because Local Matters.
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