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You guys like to keep it simple which is good :)
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You're the ones who love to be kind :)
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You guys are just full of surprises :D




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About TheNotVeryWelsh

Hi there, My name is TheNotVeryWelsh or you can just call me Welsh or just Ryan. For all my life ive had one goal and thats to make people happy by any means. So this is why i started my YouTube channel! i make videos based on current trends, gaming videos and just talking about my life. i will attending university soon and with the state of how the uni situation is in the UK i need to help myself as much as i can. that's why you (the audience) are very important to me. As a creator you are the foundation of what my channel is built on! much love
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When i reach 50 patrons i will make an open lobby on a game and let you guys join
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