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About David Kurlander

Let’s dive deep into the perception of reality of our furry familiars. Understanding how they see the world and what they expect from us and how we can develop a relationship through communication. Find your potential and see the potential of all that’s around you. Your dog is counting on you for love and understanding. Stop and listen, close your eyes, leave your human mindset behind for a moment and bring to light a voice that has always spoken loudly but has never been heard. Make the changes you desire and never accept failure!
Throughout the span of over two decades, Animal Behavior Specialist, David Kurlander has worked with over 650 species of Captive wild animals as a Wild Animal Keeper for the WCS stationed at the Bronx Zoo, developing his unique methods and theories while conducting his own private Wild research projects throughout the country, observing wolves, coyotes and fox to working on a variety of difficult behaviors for over 25years in private homes and shelters with our domestic dog population. David Also throws a unique spin on situations and issues using his experiences and knowledge as a former Animal Control Officer for his local Police Department and is still good standing while holding a National Animal Control Officer Certification including Chemical Immobilization Training with The National Animal Control Academy Certifications program. The mission of the Pack Animal Podcast is Not only to serve as an outlet for David’s plethora of knowledge and experience, but considered a hub for other professionals within the Animal field to come together and share their opinions and experiences to help our listeners develop a greater understanding of the natural existence of our Canine brothers and sisters and how they play a role in our lives.

“ It does not matter how much time you spend with the wolf, it’s within the capacity of your mind to open and become the wolf”

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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