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Hello and welcome to my Patreon! I’m a trans boy with his service dog working out way through the world. 
I’m using patreon to communicate with my fan easier. By joining my patreon community you will get behind the scenes access to training and video production, and improve the quality of my videos! Subscriptions start at 1 dollar, I can’t wait to be able to chat with you on here!
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Your avatar is my 5 pound cat. Her name is Cloud and she’s very  cuddly!

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Your avatar is Tower when I first met him.

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Your avatar is Tower doing a cuddle version of DPT. (I was watching Vampire Diaries)

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Your Avatar is Tower when he‘s in the middle of his training stage.

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Your avatar is Tower when he became a full service dog!

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I’ll make a Twitter so I can update more often with less effort. 
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