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About The Pitts Company

Who We Are
ThePitts.Company is a group of comedians and filmmakers striving to make a mediocre comedy sketch video go viral! We have yet to succeed but we're totally okay with that.  For now, we continue to produce web shows, sketches, podcasts, and other content in and around the Pittsburgh area.

Why We Need Your Help
Making videos is like... pretty hard. Every day we are developing, shooting, and editing videos so that you can watch them for free! Man, you guys sure are lucky, but having little to no money when making videos can create significant creative limitations.

By giving your support through Patreon, we can deliver on more creative ideas, more shows, more podcasts, more sketches, and yes, more YeahYouLikeThis!  The studio also likes when we pay our rent on time.

What We Want To Make
A lot of different stuff, but right now we are focusing on the podcast and other sketches. Take a look below at some of our content.

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