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"I am young and inexperienced" Two words that held me back from creating and expressing my passion. These two words that held me back pushed me forward. So what if I'm young but that gives me time to improve and gives me a perspective that others don't have. I'm inexperienced and for that, I am grateful because of my time to learn because the more I learn the better I get.
I love tech with a passion, and like them, I continue to learn. Because all the innovators and creators, first started young and inexperienced and they thrived and although this blog is starting small, hopefully, it will thrive.

So to all who pledges to help me on this journey and make the content you want, I say welcome and thanks and stay a while. As we live and learn in the world of tech
Zion, Blogger
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When I get over $120 a month, I'll start making Youtube videos, to give you more content
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