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About Tony M

Welcome to The Portland Pour

The Portland Pour is a collection of classic and modern cocktail recipes, their stories, and artistic photography celebrating the craft spirits and ingredients of Portland, Oregon. All of our recipes include local ingredients, distilled in or near Portland, and can be made at home, regardless of skill level. Learn how to make the cocktail recipes you know and love with the local ingredients and craft spirits made in Oregon.

About the project

The Portland Pour began as an art project. As an artist, I wanted to share my passion for local craft distilling and the cocktails I can make with them. The plan was for a series of fine art photographs of hand crafted cocktails for a planned gallery show, but it's become so much more. Today, The Portland Pour is a web project, a website about cocktail recipes, their stories and the pictures I create.

The purpose is one of raising awareness of local distilling and products, encouraging the use of local ingredients, and fostering a do-it-yourself approach to cocktails. You'll find not only the recipes, but instructions for making them and for making whatever ingredients you can, including syrups, sodas, bitters, cordials, infusions, and growing all the things you can, such as mint, basil, and any herbs, spices, or things required to make cocktail ingredients. You'll also read about the classics, their stories, and some history of their cultural place or significance, as well as discover new, original, recipes created for The Portland Pour, insight into the local producers and their products, and a growing collection of how-to features, such as our getting started guide, an overview of how to begin making cocktails, and how to use local ingredients wherever you can.

About the content

All content for The Portland Pour is made in a downtown Portland studio, Mouse and Moon Creations. The photographs are all studio shots, some fine art, others editorial or lifestyle.
Each photograph is carefully and lovingly made, from creating and styling the subject, mostly a cocktail in a glass, to photography, to post processing, where I get to make it look like it does. Everything happens in house, from testing and making a recipe, to creating the artwork, to writing the story. What you see and read is 100% original.

About me

I tell stories. I studied art and writing at Boise State University, and began my career as a freelance and creative writer. After spending time writing for various publications, and landing at a Portland based magazine, I switched to visual art and began a number of creative projects, including painting, drawing, and photography. Whatever I was working on, however, I never stopped being a storyteller, and today spend time telling stories in creative conceptual images, and writing about booze.

Why your help is important

The Portland Pour is EXPENSIVE.

There's alot of great care that goes into creating each picture, maintaining the website, and simply keeping the project going. Each cocktail you see or read about on The Portland Pour is thoroughly researched, tested until it's right, often using ingredients such as syrups or infusions made in house, then photographed, then published with an article about it. I do not solicit donations from local distillers, and I do not accept advertising. All the liquor and ingredients needed are purchased out of pocket, and, while I do accept business sponsors, I do not accept paid advertising or product placement. The products and recipes I recommend are products and recipes I like and use.

Your support is what keeps the project going

Even the smallest amount makes a difference. Please consider supporting The Portland Pour, and keep enjoying the recipes, stories, and pictures.

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