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About The Proffessor

About the Project

        For the past 10 years, I have been developing and maintaining Mabinogi Frontend, a multitool mod client for the game Mabinogi, as well as several other general-use utilities for the game. Frontend itself is an easy to use tool that allows you to select exactly which mods you would like to use instead of having to download an "all-in-one" type of mod pack, then deal with what you're given. It automatically updates mod files when Nexon updates the game itself, and contains various other utilities, such as:
  • FIONA - "Frontend Interactive Operations & Navigations Assistant" - An AI which serves as a helper to explain what certain mods do in the game and troubleshoot common issues when things don't go as planned.
  • Nova - alternate mod injection technique; creates a package file of the selected mods that matches Mabi's file system, so they're read by the game without the need for a security bypass.
  • Canaveral - Advanced Client Patcher and Launcher, uses Nexon's new authorization system.
Separate tools:
  • PMG Viewer
  • PMG Editor
  • MabiUnpack - for opening Mabi's game data files (this is how you get the original files if you were to make a mod yourself)
  • MabiTimer - contains timers for Price and Rua (NPC's with varing accessibility), Part-time Jobs, dungeon orbs, time until transformations become available again, and a list of the daily effects (which vary based on the real-life day of the week). Most timers have a voice prompt alarm
  • MAESTRO - "Mabinogi Advanced Ensemble System & Timbre Register Orchestrator" - utility that allows you to download alternate musical instrument sounds for use in-game
  • Nimbus - weather forecasting tool
  • 3MLE Music Editor - used to edit MML (Music Macro Language) code used in-game to create music scrolls
  • MabiChef - database for in-game cooking recipes
  • Mohbius - "Mabinogi Offline Housing Board Inquiry & Utilization System" - offline (as in "not in-game", not as in "without internet") housing board browser and search tool
  • TeamViewer - included for remote tech support
  • MacWars - "Mabinogi Advanced Client Window Alias Renaming System" - allows one to change the window title of a Mabi client, useful when trying to figure out which client is which from the taskbar when more than one client is running.
  • AK-Busica - "Alban Knights - Baltane Unit Squire Interest Conversation Assistant" - used to keep track of Baltane Squire conversations.
        In terms of the mods themselves, they vary widely. Most of them are cosmetic edits, such as changing one model to another, changing sounds, creating or enabling hidden UI features, and so on. A large number of them remove unnecessary clutter from the game or fixes issues that cause a large amount of lag for many people. For many, the game is downright unplayable without mods to keep things stable.

About the Game Itself

        Mabinogi is an MMORPG with a lot of interesting secondary elements. It's not always grind and level as most games in that genre are (although levels certainly don't There are a number of life skill aspects to it as well. One that drew me into it was the music system. You can write music scripts and play them ingame with friends. It's quite interesting getting a whole group of folks together to jam.

The Current Situation

        For the past few years, I have had increasingly larger living expenses, leading to larger debts, and sadly even my basic bills are dangerously close to lapsing. All of this has lead to working several jobs to try to make ends meet, leaving me with little to no time for program development. I still update the mods themselves when Nexon patches the game, as that usually doesn't take too long, but features and fixes to the occasional curveball they throw at us are at a standstill. Because of having some new stuff halfway coded in when these things happen, I am blocked from being able to release any fixes for stuff that Nexon breaks until the feature is complete.

        It has come to my attention that this campaign will be necessary to keep things running in the long term. So that's what this page is about, I'd like to ask you to give me the means to continue adding new features and content to a program that has made Mabi playable for so many people who otherwise would not be able to because of lag or various rendering issues.

        You guys have no idea all the cool features I've designed in my head, but simply have no time to put in

Future Endeavors

        Even if this campaign fizzles out, I'll still continue my work, albeit at the pace dictated by my life circumstances. I want to give everyone a chance who has the means to support me to do so, whether it be financially, or even just a message of good will and appreciation for the project. Every bit helps, and a little bit goes a long way. I have many various other projects and ideas as well that are not directly Frontend related. Frontend will be top priority, but should the donations reach the goals, the Special Projects will start becoming available. Every bit of support adds up rather quickly, and is immensely appreciated.

For Those In Doubt

        I realize that everyone has a right to choose how they spend their money, and I really appreciate any support you can give. Please keep in mind that in the unlikely event that circumstances go horribly wrong, I will not hesitate to shut down the campaign. I will not siphon away anyone's money like so many other people would. For those that are willing to donate, but are not sure if they can afford it, please be reasonable. I do not wish to burden anyone. If you donate, and then down the road need to cancel, that is perfectly acceptable. Also, I know there are some unrealistic milestone goals set. These are a bit for comedic effect, but are also there just in case we do reach those levels. :)

        I would like to put up a video at some point to better explain things to those that are not part of the MabiMods community, but I felt that I needed to begin the campaign at this point because of my finances reaching a critical point. Also, based on feedback, suggestions, etc., some of the information in this page might be adjusted, so I apologize ahead of time if things get a bit confusing while we get everything optimized.

Final Thoughts

        Just the fact that you're reading this shows a measure of interest, and I really appreciate your time and consideration to this campaign. If you have any comments or feedback on the specifics of the rewards or goals, feel free to let me know. All I ask is that you be nice about it. I look forward to getting back on my feet and innovating new tools and technologies for the Mabinogi community once more.


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