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Hello, my name is Payton but I'm better known as the Queen of Frary. I'm a disabled teenaged girl who loves to sing, help people look at movies or tv shows in a more critical light, and have a hell of a time playing video games. I won't lie I'm loud I'm a drama Queen I know things that some people in their 30s don't know and in all honesty, I'm likely the craziest person you'll ever meet! Believe it or not, I'm proud of all of those facts I know too many people my age that think disabled people are helpless, broken. or wrong and even if I've never met one I know that there are adults that think this as well. But guess what I'm here to say that WE ARE NOT HELPLESS WE ARE NOT BROKEN AND WE ARE NOT WRONG! I'm sure you're all wondering what made me decide to start this well other than what I just said it's not a what it's a who. Toby Regbo is the reason I decided to really come out into the open I first saw him on the tv show Reign which is where I fell head over heels in love with him, his character, and the ship Frary hence my name. He is an amazing actor and singer I know it sounds really corny to say that one person is the reason I started this but it's the truth. LASTLY I want to say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SIMPLY TOOK THE TIME TO READ THIS THANK YOU FROM THE VERY BOTTOM OF MY HEART THANK YOU!   
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