Dakota "The Brain" Davis

is creating Anime and Video Game Song Covers

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A shout-out at the end of every video within that month.
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The shout-out included with the first reward and an invite to my Private Minecraft server if you would like to join. This is mainly a donation option for anyone who would want to play games with me and my friends! You only have to donate ONCE to keep your spot on the server :D
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Everything in previous tiers and YOU get to pick the next song I cover, no joke. You pick it, I sing it!




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I'm an aspiring musician who doesn't have the best equipment... I'm trying to make that better, but with paying the bills and needing to have food in my system, that makes everything a bit harder to put money aside from each paycheck. HOWEVER, if you can even donate just one dollar it will help me a ton! My goal is to make it so I can afford better equipment to make the best covers possible for you guys, My party members! If you can find it in your heart to donate, It would be most appreciated and if you can't, that's perfectly fine. You're still going to see the same amount of content. Thank you for your continued support!
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Needing a new microphone, mixer, etc.
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