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About The Real Spider

So, if you are here you are probably wondering what I'm about right? Well lets dive into that a little. Me myself started creating and messing with electronics at a very young age, from the age of 8 I was making flashlight circuits - of course this is nothing major, but I'm now much older and my love for creating has stayed.

I've loved the idea of real spiderman tech for a while, specifically his webshooters, and thats why my first challenge is to attempt to make some.

The community around spiderman's tech is ever growing. From the likes of "the. Amazing", "Brain Ion" and "The Human Spider" (to name a few), these are the people that keep pushing the boundaries of this tech and formulas to a new frontier - and I want to be apart of that new unexplored frontier.

How about you join us?
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At this stage, I will announce the future plans of what the next project will be, and for the most part the patrons here will here about it first before anybody else.
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