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If you died and came back, what would your art look like?

I'm a physician, artist, and former professional athlete. In 2017 I suffered a spinal cord injury while body surfing near his home at Ocean Beach. During the event I drowned and had a death experience - my heart had stopped for approximately 10 minutes. Prior to my accident, I had completed my residency in Emergency Medicine at Stanford University and was practicing as a part-time physician and painter living in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco. My injury leaves me with right sided weakness and without feeling or fine-motor coordination of my hands.  Now, I make art for a living.

I still love the ocean.

My painting is an ongoing effort of documentation. Each piece begins with a movement or ritual, executed in repetition. I use positioning, stress, or duration to reach physical failure and then capture the result. The discomfort associated with exhaustion is overwhelming and my mind briefly silences. In these moments there is only motion and effort, and the body speaks unencumbered by language or logic.

My work is a transference of unfiltered energy, captured as gouges and troughs on the surface of a canvas. In the forms and lines that result, there is the struggle of my ever changing physical limits but also a hope to capture the ephemeral. To find a language to share with others something I only know through my body.

For this current series, Documenta, what remains is an artifact, the most relevant part of the work being not where the paint is but rather where it isn’t. The sculptural channels and lines encircle space through which my body had moved. What is held in that space? An energy? The story of physical repair and growth? The whispers of my body’s ineffable memory? What should we do when we encounter an absence in our own lives; ignore it, define ourselves by it, or honor and live with it?
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