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The Skin Rejuvenation Self Nurturing Guide  is the first online publication in the Revive Zone’s Nurturing Rituals Series. I have elected to offer the guide for Free at this time, due to the many challenges we currently face at present. Many of us do not have the information and skill set to effectively address the health and wellness challenges we now face. With that being said I am offering this information free of charge, with the option of becoming a Patron of the Self Nurturing Wellness Support Tier is available should you find that you need guided assistance. 

Otherwise, all content concerning the Skin Rejuvenation Self Nurturing Guide is my gift to you.

About The Skin Rejuvenation Self Nurturing Guide
The concept of Nurturing Rituals is simple in its approach - it includes any subject matter that helps us live life better and more wholesomely. Be it healing our mind, body and spirit connection, or organizing our home so that life flows smoother as we move through our journey back to Self. 

While the subject matter is not exhaustive, nor is it intended to be, it is designed to serve as a starting point, a catalyst that hopefully moves you, to better understand your relation to your own personal health and wellness. It is my hope it will be of great benefit to you as you move forward on your journey.  

I consider health and beauty one in the same; I have yet to encounter anyone that is in pain and suffering from illness, say they feel beautiful. We simply do not consider ourselves beautiful when we are in pain, because beauty is not just a look, it’s a feeling, a state of being, an energy field that exudes from us and flows out into the world and affects others in positive ways and then returns to us through the spiral of life.

This guide was originally about the prevention and maintenance of excess skin, due to weight loss or pregnancy. However, as I continued to write, I realized that it’s really a beginner’s manual to overall better health for those managing excess skin as well as those that are not. 

However, because of the current status of our world, I find both groups are in dire need of a foundation knowledge that encourages supports and empowers them to change the trajectory of their health, well being and their relationship with self with a simple, effective and practical approach.

Excess skin manifest itself in varying degrees, generally when we think of it, we picture an extreme case usually due to weight loss. 

The reality is that our skin begins to sag and lose its form from just simply living life, aside from weight loss or pregnancy. The average woman experiences excess skin in the form of flabby arms, thighs that giggle, the loose skin that gradually surfaces on our jaw line, like magic (bad magic!), or the fact that we can now easily lift the skin on our hands (. . . and we really don’t want to be able to do that!). 

This guide was born out of a desire to address these issues and share the practical working knowledge that I possess to help assist you from a wholistic back to basics perspective. 

The remedy of excess skin is much like the initial process to better health in general. With many of the same rituals and modalities that must be incorporated into our daily lives to establish and maintain a healthy and vibrant state of mind, body and spirit. With that realization, I elected to broaden the scope of this work by renaming it, The Skin Rejuvenation Self Nurturing Guide

Which includes those of you, that have reached the point in your life’s journey, that says, “some changes must be made”, that is, if you are to sustain your health, well being, peace of mind and yes, beauty. 

Are you aware that the skin is the body’s largest organ? Like all other organs it requires certain conditions to maintain optimum health. This guide will help you better understand and incorporate those conditions in practical terms, offering non-invasive solutions.

However, if you are intending to begin a weight loss program and excess skin will be a factor, I highly encourage you to consider and incorporate the information contained in this guide, and become a Patron, so that at the completion of your weight loss journey you are left with the body that you worked so diligently to have, and deserve. Instead of being traumatized like so many others that are currently dealing with the harsh reality of managing excess skin. 

For those of you that are currently living with this issue, I encourage you to do the same, this Guide will help address some of the challenges you face. Depending on the intensity of your condition it will help improve the current state and your overall vitality, even if your skin is not fully restored to its original state, there will be improvement. First because the modalities presented are sound, secondly our bodies naturally respond to the loving actions of self-nurturing.

I have used these same rituals to heal my own journey with cellulite, excess skin due to pregnancy and simply living the stresses of life, so I do know how much time and energy goes into managing it, as well as how much energy is spent being self-conscious about it.

One thing I can say beyond a doubt is, if you apply the Nurturing Rituals presented in this Guide, you will certainly benefit, to what degree and magnitude cannot be predicted, because we are all so unique, but it will be of use to you, if just a little, getting you closer to your goal of better Health and liking what you see when you look in the mirror.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you, what has worked so well for me. I encourage you to consider the many benefits of self-care, and know that you are worthy of it.

It is my hope that The Skin Rejuvenation Self Nurturing Guide will be a catalyst to helping you remember how to be kind to yourself, through the Art of Self Nurturing.

I  Love You, Beverly!




Greetings My Sistar's!

THE REVIVE ZONE: Nurturing Rituals is dedicated to health and well-being, committed to imparting positive and inspiring information to Sistar's seeking to restore our divine connection with ourselves, our Sistar's and Mother Earth.

MY PURPOSE is to encourage, instruct, share and learn our forgotten and Lost Art of True Sisterhood, through self-love and self-nurturing.

Because I have known since the age of 5, that once we remember how to be kind to ourselves again, we will be able to extend that love to our fellow Sistar's. Thereby creating a self propelling energetic support system that will change the world (of course that is not the terminology I used at the age of 5, but I innately understood the concept, the value of it, and the need for it).

MY MISSION, is to simply share with you what has worked so well for me. As well as learn from you what has worked for you, and together we create a life altering, nation healing and world changing synergy.

MY HOPE is that this portal will be a safe haven of respite, regeneration and collective healing for us all. I firmly believe that the connection we have with one another, Mother Earth and The Cosmos is so powerful, that in Truth there really is Only "One Womb" and each one of us as Her Daughter is a direct extension of the "One Womb"

I Love You Dearly, our world is in dire need of healing, and that healing begins with us - The Indigenous Melinated Woman (formerly known as the black woman). Let's get this done y'all, so that we can clean our planet up and create the world of peace and happiness that we so deserve!

With Much Love, Beverly


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When I reach 500 Patrons I will be able to, and have big fun sponsoring cozy little self-care beauty, wellness and natural remedies, meditation and healing circle workshops and classes. Because everyone should be empowered to heal themselves!

Yes, I have Big Dreams, because I plan to take this on the rode!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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