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Healthy Hair Care Weekly Q&A Chat
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Healthy Hair Care Weekly Q&A Chat

As you are well aware, thinning hair, scalp damage, and hair loss are at an all-time high, with limited healthy hair care alternatives to adequately address in many cases, extreme hair and scalp damage. Leaving women devastated and heartbroken, over the loss of their hair, and the lack of wholesome solutions to turn to.

Whether one wears their hair straight, curly, kinky, natural or chemically treated, the one thing it should all be is "Healthy & Vibrant”. 

Having been in the industry for 39 years I know all to well that, that healthy hair is not the norm. So I would like to offer my expertise and share with you tips and techniques that have been tried and proven to literally transform hair from damaged, to a healthy state, seemingly like magic!

Allow me to assist you in your journey to healthy, luxurious and vibrant hair again, so that you will be able to really love how your hair looks and feels everyday!

How Does it Work? 

The Healthy Hair Care  Weekly Q&A Chat is totally interactive, I host a weekly Q&A Chat about all things in reference to your personal Journey, I will share tips with you, take your questions and concerns, and provide real and effective solutions to your unique hair care needs, in real time!

I will even instruct you on how to determine what products are right for your hair type and current state. I will teach you how to use ingredients you have right in your kitchen, to restore the integrity of your hair, making the process very cost effective.

Taking hair from a damaged state to a healthy state is my expertise, and has been for the full 39 years I have been in the industry. If you are tired of unhealthy hair, and not knowing what to do with it, or who to turn to for real solutions, I encourage you to join The Healthy Hair Care Weekly Q&A Chat and get the power to control your hair care destiny!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Chats scheduled on the same day and time weekly?

Yes, once you become a Patron you will receive the schedule and all other pertinent info. From time to time this may change, but you will be notified far in advance.

How long are the chats?

They are 90-minute Chat Sessions

What if I miss the Chat Session?

If you miss the Chat you will have access to all previous chats, to listen to at your leisure. But the value of attending the Chat Session is having the ability to ask questions at that time.

Will specific topics be discussed, or will it be a free for all?

Some Chats I will open with a specific topic, and then take questions after. Other sessions will be open chats Patrons will drive the direction of the Chat according to the questions asked.

Will Patrons be able to suggest certain topics?

Yes. Periodically I will submit polls to determine what topics are of interest.

Do you focus primarily on any specific type or texture of hair?

No, I am well versed in all textures and types of hair, and have the expertise to rebuild hair back to a healthy state,  regardless of one's ethnicity.

Can I get a personalized consultation during a chat?

No. This tier is to impart information to a larger group through question and answers. If at any point you would like a private consultation, you may become a Patron of the Personalized Hair Care Consultation Chat, it is a one-time service but very comprehensive and focuses entirely upon your personal hair care needs one on one.

Benefits To You

  • You will have access to a professional stylist that specializes in corrective hair care

  • You are part of an interactive dialog, allowing you to get definite answers and solutions

  • You will have access to all previous Chats you may have missed
    Customized advice for your unique situation

  • Opportunity to purchase customized herbal products, only available to Patrons.

  • The chats will give you ongoing weekly hair care support
  • Saves you time, energy, frustration and money from trial and error! 

  • You Will Love Your Healthy Hair, maybe for the first time in your life.

    So What Are You Waiting For? Become a Patron Now, and start lovin your hair!!!
Personalized Hair Care Consultation Chat
per month

Get answers to what ails your hair and keeps it from being the luxurious head of hair you know you so deserve. 

Who is This Tier For?

This Tier is for the person that would like to get answers to customize their hair care needs one on one.

What is The Difference Between This Tier and The Healthy Hair Care Journey Tier?

This Tier is a one-time consultation, the Healthy Hair Care Journey Tier is a monthly ongoing process of weekly interactive chats, it is degined to offer long-term hair care support.

What You Get:

  • 45-minute Face Time Chat Consultation
  • 15-minute follow up chat 7-days after your initial consultation, to make sure your on the right track.
  • You will recieve a professional customized recommendation for the proper treatment regimen. 
  • Full PDF Report of my recommendations and how to properly apply them.

Excess Skin Prevention & Maintenance
per month
Excess skin can be prevented as long as you take the necessary precautions before during and after your weight loss. 

Are you aware that the skin is the body"s largest organ? Like ll other organs it requires certain conditions to maintain optimum health.

If you are intending to begin a weight loss program and excess skin will be a factor, I highly encourage you to become a member of my Skin Rejuvenation Tier, so that at the completion of your weight loss journey you are left with the body that you took the journey to have. 

Instead of being traumatized like so many others that are currently suffering from the trauma of managing excess skin. For those of you that are already experiencing this, I also encourage you to join as well because the skin rejuvenation will help improve the condition of your skin and vitality even if it is not fully restored to it's original state.

I have used these same rituals to heal my own journey with excess skin due to pregnancy, so i do know how much time and energy goes into managing it, as well as how much energy is spent being self-concious about it.

One thing I can say, beyond a doubt is that if you apply the healing rituals provide, you will be helped to what degree and magnitude cannot be predicted, but it will help if just a little.



About The Revive Zone: Wholesome Beauty

Welcome, to The Revive Zone: Wholesome Beauty DIY!

My name is Beverly Hills, I am a professional stylist with 39 years in the beauty industry. As a stylist, I am very passionate about the science behind hair care, which is what actually constitutes true hair care. Otherwise, it's just merely styling hair without a real foundation.

True hair care has always been my focus, In addition to providing corrective and preventative hair care to clients that either have, experienced extreme damage, or are trying to prevent it.

My primary passion is health, wellness and natural healing, which is the foundation of my approach to hair care, as well as everything else in my life. Patreon is an ideal platform to offer the services and assistance that I bring to the table, and are more than happy to share.

Currently, I am offering a total of three tiers. Two tiers are in the hair care category - The Healthy Hair Care Weekly Q&A Chat, and a Single-service Personalized. Hair Care Consultation Chat.

Both offer and provide real solutions, to your hair care concerns by empowering you with the principles and techniques that will give you a practical understanding of your hair, how it works, what it requires and what you can do to maintain the integrity of both hair and scalp on your own terms.

The third Tier falls under the health and wellness category, it is an - Excess Skin Prevention and Maintenance Program, this tier is pretty comprehensive in its approach to addressing the condition of excess skin and conveying how healthy skin is vital to one's overall health and wellbeing.

While my target market consists of those that are in, or have been in a weight loss program, it is by no means limited to these two groups, it is designed to improve the overall health and vitality of anyone that follows the program.

I’m looking forward to you becoming a Patron, and sharing the wealth of information and wisdom that I bring, as I am certain, it will be of great benefit to you.

Welcome again, I’ll see you inside the Zone!

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When we reach this goal I will set up a dedicated video studio and purchase a video camera and lighting equipment. Which will allow me to cover all the areas of interest I would like to share with members.

If you like what you have recieved thus far - encourage your friends to become Patrons too! 
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