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The "Super-Fan" - $1

Your admiration to the Rogues is matched only by how little they even know who are you. Hell, it would almost be insulting if you were even worth noticing in the first place.

As a "Super-Fan", you will be rewarded with exactly how much you are worth - nothing.

You are nothing.

*EDIT* Donathon - We've changed the password. You've gotta stop changing this to a 1-member tier and claiming it for yourself so you can be the only Super-Fan. If you keep doing this, we'll block your IP. Your money isn't worth the headache.
per month

WMIC Intern - $3

Admiration has turned to fascination. You have become so enamored by these ne’er-do-wells that you have secured an internship at WMIC Studios just to be closer to them.

As a WMIC Intern, you will be rewarded with early access to all episodes . Sure, it’s only by way of eavesdropping through the studio door, but hey... better than nothing, right?

Lookin’ at you, "Super-Fan".

* Includes all previous tier rewards
per month

Petty Criminal - $5

Being so close to real-life super-villains may have bit deeper into you than you thought it would. Without even thinking, you went out and broke the law in the good city of Midway... City - and you got caught. It happens to the best of us. There's time?

As a Petty Criminal, you will be named on-air during the "Dishonorable Mentions" news report, with one unlucky criminal to be exposed with a full account their wrongdoing.

* Includes all previous tier rewards




per month


Attention, Citizens of Midway City.....

We are The Rogue's Gallery, and we do hope you're paying attention.

You may have seen our villainous exploits making headlines around the globe. Maybe you've even seen smoke billowing off the smouldering wreckage we've left behind in our wake. Unfortunately, you may have also have seen our... lamentable arrest. We've since been paroled on some "experimental" terms - we can leave behind the shackles of our enslavement under supervised release, so long as we host a radio show warning citizens of the dangers of a villainous lifestyle.

Luckily, the MCPD doesn't have enough funding to monitor our internet activity, so we've taken to the good platform of Patreon to fund our inevitable escape and return to a life of crime. Just... don't tell them.

Here's where YOU come in. If you help us raise money to continue on our quest for world domination, we can "almost" guarantee that you will be safe from the mayhem and destruction that we have in store. So - choose your side. Support us, or become the latest addition to the Official Rogue's Gallery Heap-of-Corpses™.

What is Patreon, anyways?

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform upon which you can rain money unto your favorite artists in exchange for various rewards. "You scratch our back, we shoot a death-ray at yours", essentially. By helping us embark upon our lives work, you allow us to deliver more content, more often. With no patronage, we'll be forced to rob New Fortune Bank to gain funding for our evil endeavors, and if we get locked up again, we certainly cannot keep creating. We'll be using your money for better recording equipment, merchandise, and the ability to pursue endeavors so mind-shattering that they're too sinister to be committed to text. Unless you look at the "Goals" section, I guess.... since it's pretty much all there.

What's in it for ME?

Oh, I don't know... the chance to become a SUPER-VILLAIN!?

Our rewards tiers vary depending on what your constitution (and wallet) can handle. We're not going to write them out all over again, here. Take a look at the "Rewards" section on the right - and make sure to read all of it carefully before choosing. The last reward offers you a chance to experience a life forged in the flames of hatred and evil, but can only be claimed by emailing us before you embark upon your descent into madness.

Additionally, every so often there will be bonus tiers added or extra rewards added to existing tiers for holidays or special events - so check back often.

Please note: Your pledge will charged at the beginning of each month, and all physical rewards will be processed and shipped to your secret lairs after payment has been received.

To show that we're not pure evil, we have endeavored to give out a FREE TIER so that everyone can take their first steps towards a new life. From here on out, this is no longer about us.

Your journey begins now....

Victim - $0 

You’ve just moved to Midway City! What a great opportunity! This is going to be the start of a brand new chapter in your life. Unfortunately, that chapter is only one sentence long, and that sentence reads: "You have been stabbed."

Held up in a dark alley, you tried to be a hero and not "fork over the cash" and you found out exactly what it is a hero gets. Stabbed, is what.

As a Victim, you have been turned into a human pincushion, left to bleed out - scared and alone - in the unforgiving streets of Midway City. Although, there’s more to being stabbed than just that tingling sensation of cold steel through flesh. Luckily for you, we love seeing the aftermath of a good ol’ fashion stabbing. Everyone that has received a such a stabbing is invited to send a photo to us on Facebook of yourself (post-stabbing, obviously) and have a chance to be featured in the Monthly Obituary announcement on our pages.

You know....because you died. From being stabbed.
$9 of $75 per month

The Black Market

We can spend the time we'd normally be out picking your pockets on developing a web-store so you can give us your money without all the hassle of death threats.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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