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About Rose

Hi! I'm Rose, welcome to my Patreon page, Rose Draws in Class!

You're probably wondering, why did you pick that for a title? 
Fun story; most of the time I made my artwork was during class or lectures, when I had time to sit down and focus. Drawing while class was going on helped me to listen and memorize subjects. So, in a way, it allowed me to do well in school. But, it was also a notorious activity that got me into a little trouble. Naturally, I had to make that my blog title. ;)

What kind of stuff do you draw?
I LOVE drawing cartoons and anime! Original Characters, fan art, comic strips and anecdotes, you name it! I love getting to be creative and working my way around concepts and ideas for comic books and fun drawings for people. Sometimes, I'll go through cycles where I'm addicted to this and that fandom, so the content I draw changes a lot.

How frequently do you update?
I'm striving to put out at least 2 sketches a day and one colored drawing, that way I always have new content to show you, my lovely patrons! Sometimes, if I've had a particularly big burst of creativity, I'll upload several new pieces over a couple of days! With your help and support, I strive to add even more rewards to my page for you all. :)

Why should you support me?
I love to draw, it's the one thing I absolutely always make time to do, no matter how busy or hectic my day has been. Drawing is an outlet for me to express my emotions and feelings, a way to convey my ideas to other people, and a way for me to share fun stories about my life! I want to continue to draw and create, so showing your support encourages me and enables me to put out more work and to step even more outside of my boundaries to improve!

Please consider supporting my art, and I'll keep pumping out more awesome stuff for you guys to see!

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If you'd like to make a personal request or commission a piece from me, donate, or just say something nice, send me an EMAIL!
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