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is creating Prose that emulates a comic book universe
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About BC "Comics"

Welcome to the S.U.P.E.R.verse!  Come with us into a universe where super beings, age regression, and the antics that ensue reign supreme!

We're a couple of writers who aspire to create an expansive comic book style universe, but in the form of prose.  We have already planned an ambitious list of characters and stories that range from the cute and light-hearted to the dark and raunchy, both parodying and paying great homage to the great comic book universes we all know and love.  Our stories also range in styles similar to 80s or 90s cartoons, all the way to the most recent cinematic achievements of comic book character adaptations.
However, there's a catch or two.  First off, our universe is one entirely inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, or animals that act more human in how they walk, talk, and think.  You may know their kind better as "furries".  Second, our universe will be full of characters with the power of age regression, able to make themselves and/or others younger to the point where diapers may be needed!  This helps with our universe's cute and cuddly side, but if you don't necessarily like that sort of content, don't worry!  We vow to keep a fair compromise between that stuff and the "normal" comic action you've come to know!  There will even be many stories without age regression and diaper content entirely!
We have already started a couple of these stories and many other things on our DeviantArt page, and you're certainly free to check them out!  You can do so here:

It's easy enough to write prose, but since we are emulating a comic book universe, it would be nice to create as much assisting visualization as possible.  As our stories continue, we want to at least have a single, comprehensive, hypothetical comic book cover for each individual story.  We would also like to create a sort of "database" for our universe, which contains a portrait of every character and important object with important info attached to them.  If enough people like a certain scene from a story, we would even consider commissioning a comic page or two to depict it!
Neither of us are all that gifted in creating visual art, though.  We have a friend helping us create some concept art, but trying to live off of art alone is tough for him.  It's tough to live off of just writing, too.  Receiving funding would allow us to more frequently commission the artist to make these things, as well as maybe some other things down the road.  We've been considering publishing our stories in some form, but we're not sure how to go about that just yet.

We would greatly appreciate any support we can get, and we sure hope you enjoy our stories!  Thank you!

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