The Sacred Cocoon

is creating Abstract Paintings, Oracle and Tarot Decks, Magical Tools
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About The Sacred Cocoon

Hi there!
Thank you so much for checking out my Patreon :)

My name is Lottie and I'm a queer witchy woman living out in the woods of Northwest Arkansas, USA with my wife and a menagerie of animal companions both domestic and wild.

I create visionary art in a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylic and collage, make magical tools and adornments including two Oracle decks entitled the Sacred Cocoon and Divine Portal Oracles, and provide spiritual counsel through intuitive reading of tarot and oracle cards.

I was raised in a Spiritualist family and have been clairvoyant ever since I can remember, communicating with Spirit even before I could properly speak. I believe that one of my main reasons for being here at this time is to help people to connect with their own intuition and wise inner guidance as well as with their Spirit Guides, and my work is all centered around empowering, encouraging and perceiving. I love, love, LOVE my work and I feel so blessed to do it.

I am so grateful for the support of my amazing patrons. With your help and support I'm able to pursue my dreams and goals and live a reality of love, art and magick which is such an incredible blessing.
Here on Patreon I love to share behind the scenes, whether that's what I'm working on currently or what I'm thinking, feeling, hoping, dreaming or figuring out. This space feels very safe and sacred to me, much like a diary, and I treat everyone here as a dear friend because that's what we are, even if we have just met!

I hope you'll enjoy your time here with me, and I am sending you so much love.

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