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is creating TV shows like ITALIAN AF and writing their first novel.
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About The Savone Sisters

Ciao! We're sisters, Diana and Rosanna, and we're also a writing-producing-and-soon-to-be-directing-if-you-become-our-patron team called The Savone Sisters.

We're based in sunny yet extremely expensive (can anyone say gentrification?) Los Angeles, California, but we're just as extremely passionate about bringing to life a story inspired by our family's immigrant journey to the United States titled, Italian AF: One Family. Five Women. Zero Mob Wives.

When you become our patron, you join our exclusive fan community getting "behind the scenes" access to our creative process and journey in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. You can also get things like your name listed on our film's credits or even dinner with us at our favorite Italian restaurant. As time goes on, we'll be on the lookout for new and fun bonuses to send your way! 

So a big thank you to all our patrons for making Italian AF possible! Grazie Mille! 
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Our big dream or rather, il nostro grande sogno is to bring Italian AF to your TV screen. We wrote the pilot and we would love to produce and direct a short film from this script. The dream is to enter it into the Sundance Film Festival's short film contest. But we can't make it happen without YOU.
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