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For pledging just a dollar, you have access to the behind the scenes blog posts on Patreon. I'll blog regularly about my progress on all the projects I'm working on, and give regular updates on where your patreon funds are going to help these projects get made. Also, thanks to our most recent goal of $100 monthly donations, we will be posting a 12 page monthly exclusive comic for donors at this level. 

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Whenever a new episode of The Scarlet Derby Says, or the upcoming adventure series is released on YouTube, you will receive a private link on patreon to the episode one full week before its official public release. 

Exclusive 5th panels & Bonus Metafiction
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Twice a month, people on this tier will be able to see extra bonus panels and text associated with the free webcomics and short stories on These are exclusive to Patreon viewers on this tier, and will never be re-printed in later novels and reprints of the comics.




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About The Scarlet Derby & Midnight Jay

The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay is an ongoing web-based superhero fiction series which began in 2013 about a pair of married superheroes in the Victorian era. Since its inception, the series has spanned 2 lite-novels, 4 comic book issues, a running YouTube series and an ongoing streaming presence on Twitch. As a patron, your money would assist in taking the series to a new level: creating a semi-animated online action-adventure series for YouTube and a musical radio drama to be released on Bandcamp. Your funds will largely be used to give fair compensation to individuals participating in the upcoming projects, such as voice actors, and music designers.
$128 of $300 per month
Do you want to see the webcomic updated every single day? Well, $10 salary per page over 365 days equals $3650, or roughly $300 a month. If we reach this goal. If we reach this goal, I will begin updating the webcomic literally every day.

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