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About The Skräuss

Thanks for visiting my Patreon page.  If my videos, art, and discussion are your kind of edutainment consider supporting me.
You can help me by pledging some chump change on a regular basis.  What you throw in the street could help me with operational costs, and even enable me to grow my production by eventually hiring musicians and other video crew members for instance.  As of this writing, I'm not sure what it is that I produce, but it includes comics, painting, video, and podcasting. So far there's no job title for that. It's a large load of work and you can help make all of it evolve into the Artes Superior that my endeavours hope to become. 
Consider joining the Cavedwelling evolution.

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I have no equipment.  Well, I have a Zoom audio recorder, but nothing to put the Zoom file into.  Everything you see, as of late 2016 has been produced on my smartphone.  Maybe you like that aesthetic.  I want to return to the world of cheesy video effects and layered video.  for that I need a computer.  When I reach $500 per month I will be able to purchase some equipment, build a sound proof room, get some lights, and most importantly, get a computer.
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