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Welcome, fellow visionary. We are Adam & Azrya, aka The Slinky Effect. And it's time for all of us to STEP UP OUR GAME.

We can all feel the potent changes and shifts occurring on our planet right now. In order for ALL life to truly thrive, major changes must occur. Old systems must collapse, and new ways of being embodied.

We are here to ignite the hearts of humanity through our stories and coaching, and remind ourselves and others that life (ALL life, including our own) is SACRED.

Since the beginning of humankind, story telling has profoundly shaped the narrative of the collective consciousness. We cannot underestimate the power of media. In this digital age, we have a tremendous opportunity to rapidly infuse humanity with messages that matter. This is what we strive to do with every single piece of content we create. We have no time to waste.

So, THANK YOU for being here with us, in this powerful time. Having been together for over 8 years, we are as in love with each other as we are with our work. Our journey began as actors in Hollywood almost 10 years ago, and has evolved greatly since, taking us on a path of learning how to write, direct and produce as well as transform the lives of many through our coaching practices. 

We've been in major content creation mode for the last year and a half (using mainly our iPhones to keep it simple and low-cost), and while we love doing it that way, we hate seeing our carefully honed production skills go to waste. So we are joyfully stepping into this offering of ENERGY EXCHANGE. In return for our coaching, you give us the ability to produce more conscious content. Win win! Check out our coaching site here:

The world is changing, FAST. Humanity is waking up and realizing that not everything is as it seems. We are remembering our purpose, our connection to each other and the planet, and finding the courage to take a stand for what our hearts know to be true, which is LOVE.

Join us in bringing more light into the world by learning how to embrace the shadows.

Your contributions go directly to the creation of conscious media content, that Enlightens, Expands and Entertains.

We love you,
Adam & Azrya

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Every time we hit our goal, we will produce a new piece of potent conscious content, infused with the intention of awakening humanity, spreading LOVE and remembering that all life is sacred.
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