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Welcome to the Patreon of The Smartest Moron! On my YouTube channel, I make it a point to analyze a video game's narrative if it is significant to talk about it, regardless if it is good or bad, and try to at least make it entertaining as well. And while I do focus on stories, I do not neglect the gameplay, mostly to see it meshes with the story, or take chances to make fun of it, like if the A.I. is super bad.

I also analyze characters as well, usually if I feel the main story doesn't have enough to it, or if I really just want to gush about characters. This is known as Saviors of the Tale, and I have done analysis on a few characters like Selvaria Bles of Valkyria Chronicles, and Homura of Senran Kagura.

As it stands, while I can keep up the reviews and character analysis, the pace I go is fairly slow. I want to create the best content I can, but I also have to deal with a wide variety of issues, like my current job, student loans, etc. I may even need to take breaks. Another goal for this channel is to help other people get into series that don't receive nearly enough love, like Shadow Hearts, Shin Megami Tensei titles not Persona, and many more. And if nothing else, I hope to keep learning new things about video games, receive knowledge I can only obtain by looking at these titles.

Also, I do have limitations as to what I can review on (at the moment):

Playstation 1 and 2, PSP, and Vita TV, and now a PS4
Wii,Wii U and Switch
Retron 5 (SNES, Genesis, GBA, GBC)
$0 of $200 per video
I can get a modified PS2 to review Namco X Capcom, a game we technically never got in the states. Also able to review other PS2 games that were translated, but require a special PS2 to play off of.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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