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About The SmithDroneian

Hi there,

I'm Gregory "The SmithDroneian" Smith, a drone enthusiast from Budapest, Hungary.

My main driver today is to grasp every opportunity to take my cinematic drone skills to the next level. Hope you will enjoy the content I'll upload here. Most of them will be only conceptual demo reels, please do not expect serious edits from me for the time being, I neither possess the skills nor the horsepower for that yet.

Beside developing my cinematic skills, I'm always available for DJI tech support and also questions about flying a drone in general, so feel free to reach out to me in case there's anything I can help you with.

Happy flying. ;)

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DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Enterprise

My next big investment in my aerial cinematography and drone flying enthusiasm is definitely going to be the game changing Mavic 2 Pro (or Enterprise?) with its 1" sensor an omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, not to mention the 30+ minutes flight time and 8+ km flight range, while transmitting crystal clear 1080p live feed to your smartphone.

For me this is going to be an instant get, whenever it finally becomes available. I've been eagerly following all the rumors, leaks and ConTeo's on this bad boy on my Facebook page, in fact I was the 1st one to confirm the so called "Page 552" Argos leak as a real printed catalog that you can take with you from the shop (previous leaks were only about what seemed to be a print design blueprint only, but not the actual catalog)

Any contribution to this might goal is much appreciated, fellow Patrons.

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