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About TheSneakyBros

Sneakyvale and Ziclag are Brothers in the real world hence the name "TheSneakyBros" We work in our spare time on gaming videos for youtube and write, record and produce Cool Story Bro. A weekly gaming podcast about the lastest video game news and reviews.  

Our Channel has over 30k Subs and a view count of over 7.5million. 

Although many people believe we make alot of money from our partnership, it turns out we actually don't. With the rise of adblocker it's becoming more and more difficult to make money to turn this into a full time job to make content for you all. 

The money we earn from here will help us turn youtube and the podcast into a viable thing and be able to go full time. You will also get rewards for helping us out. 

You dont have to subscribe if you cant afford it, we know money is tight these days and people who dont subscribe wont miss out on our usual content. 

Bonus content will include access to our Minecraft server

Thankyou for just checking out our page and a massive thankyou if you subscribe!

All the best

Sneakyvale and Ziclag
$0 of $250 per month
We would upgrade our minecraft servers to a massive degree so that it could hold 100s of people. 

We would also get a crack team to take on the server full time to help us out. 

We could also use the money to do some awesome competitions.
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