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About The Sonoran Desert Grower

I want to start a conversation about permaculture theory and how it applies to us in the Sonoran Desert. I want to create a resource for the entire community. Not everyone can afford to attend a Permaculture Design Course. This reality shouldn’t preclude people accessing and learning about permaculture, because it should be for everyone. This lack of access has created a misunderstanding about what permaculture is. To those on the periphery, it’s just another gardening method, one choice in a plethora of gardening strategies. The fact that it’s a revolutionary lifestyle is totally being missed. Permaculture is a revolutionary movement and lifestyle that radically roots us in nature. It is about reconnecting with the natural world and becoming a part of it. An underlying goal of the permaculture movement is to shift how we, as human beings, interact with the natural ecosystems we inhabit. It is about the land and how we use it.

I live in a unique desert. I'm surrounded by resilient edible and medicinal plants that are under utilized, underestimated, and undervalued. I want to challenge what our concept of food is. I can grow more usable grain with rainwater by planting mesquite trees versus growing wheat with tap water. A mature mesquite tree uses approximately 3,000 gallons of rainwater per year and will produce pounds of gourmet flour. A ten foot prickly pear hedge can easily fill several five gallon buckets full of ripe fruit. Don’t forget the berries! Dehydrated wolfberries are so good. Elderberry syrup in the winter season is a must have.Chiltipin are native to the Sonoran Desert and grow wild here. One little chiltipin pepper has more vitamin C than a whole orange. A pound of chiltipin can go for fifty dollars, mesquite flour goes for twenty dollars a pound, cholla buds go for twelve dollars for four ounces! We are over emphasizing exotic non native crops. Not that they don’t have their place, or that we can’t grow them, but we’re forgetting that we live in one of the most diverse deserts in the world. All this heritage food. Wild and full of nutrition. We are surrounded by food and medicine. It is literally everywhere. Open your mind, heart, and stomach to the possibilities that the Sonoran Desert provides.

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