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About The SoulStar Academy

The SoulStar Academy was founded with a passionate spirit and a lofty objective: to offer Ethical, Trustable and Empowering Education which unites people, organisations and communities, helping them grow into the best they can be for a far greater, kinder, wiser world.
We are passionate about Branding, Online Marketing, Social Media and healthy, happy, empowered Humans & Businesses.
We like to call ourselves the “Ethical Eco-Friendly Biz Folks With Soul”.
We offer a range of services and products specialising in Branding & Social Media Marketing. For many, getting going, let alone getting online is an overwhelming job, so The SoulStar Academy helps businesses to get going and be seen fast online. Our training courses are delivered with simplicity, integrity and power and passion. We work hard to source and analyse the current online world’s resources, tools and products that are available and distill these down into simple, savvy, effective tools and courses.
So how can we help you ?
Because The SoulStar Academy has a background in Finance, Fashion, Photography, Retail Management, Retail Sales & Service, Natural & Alternative Therapies, Hospitality, Human Resources Management, Finance, Theatre, Payroll, Accounting and Liquidations we know these skills make the perfect ingredients for a successful business recipe. We love to make business not just efficient but also beautiful. And this hotpot of powerful ingredients truly do make a delicious gourmet recipe.
We also ADORE metaphysics, yoga and nourishing foods and know this is the perfect fuel for success in any endeavour.
A healthy and successful business is built on the foundation of a a healthy human so we pepper our content with world class health and lifestyle tips which make living and working fun and productive and which supports their ability to serve and succeed.
Our most delicious past clients include
★ BaliSpirit Festival ★
★ Byron Spirit Festival ★
★ ZenThai Shiatsu ★
★ The Lovelight Crystal Temple & Yogawear ★
★ The Gold Coast Organic Market ★
★ Uplift Connect Festival ★
~ And many more ~ check out our website for more info ~ our first course is about BRANDING which is a crucial foundation for any venture.