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 Become one of our ULTIMATE FANS! Only $1 or more per month to help support the Michigan Music Scene!! Your contribution will help pay for the costs to operate the show! Cell phone bills, contacting Michigan celebrities, new equipment.... This stuff isn't cheap. 😕 We will thank you on EVERY SHOW!!!👊😎

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Want a quick & easy way to advertise your business on our show? Only $2 & we'll include a link to your website or social media page in the description of our live streams! 

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Ever want to be a guest on a YouTube show? Here is your chance! Come right into the New Leonard Media Studio & sit down with us to talk about your business or product! Send us an email to [email protected] to set it up!

  • This tier does NOT apply to musicians. They get to be guests for FREE!!!
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About The South of the Straits Show

The South of the Straits Show highlights original Michigan music that regular radio overlooks! Providing intense comedy & a break from reality! Live on YouTube every Sunday night from 7-9est!

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