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About TheSpearsSisters

Getting to Know The Spears Sisters:

Hi everyone!

First and foremost thank you so much for stopping by our Patreon page to learn more about us. We are Sarah and Heather Spears or more commonly referred to as The Spears Sisters. Together we cosplay, design, model, photograph, craft, sew and so much more. We started this Patreon account to help us earn the ability to more quickly produce quality content for our fans to enjoy as well as to try and reach more like-minded people with our story.

Sarah and I had it rough growing up. While things were challenging, there was one thing we always knew; we would always have each other. Not only did that bond us closer than one could imagine but it guided us to find video games. Life's undeniable hardship helped us experience video games as a  form of entertainment in the most positive of lights. Games, books, TV series, movies and the like (mostly games!) showed us a needed escape from reality and taught us that no matter the circumstance any individual could be strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

The Spears Sisters Enjoying Events / Cons:

As life progressed and we found ourselves at a healthier point in time; we never let our love for gaming together fade. It was our happiness and our hope. Unfortunately, the dark cloud of our past lingered in the back of our minds. Former trouble turned into depression and an anxiety disorder. Both of us have grown together with different types of anxiety in which we believe was a challenge but also a wonderful gift that shaped us into the strong people we are today.

First, Sarah grew in so many different ways. I cannot describe the pride I have in her with words. I can tell you she found peace before I did and proved to be my biggest role model. She was first to find a confidence I never believed either of us would find. She did so by perusing a modeling and acting career. To go from what some would describe as weak to being able to show the world who she is has been the upmost inspiring. After years of fear, I witnessed Sarah become one of the hero’s that we always played as, watched or read about.

Heather and Sarah Spears Pool-Side:

Throughout my teen years I was diagnosed with agoraphobia; a fear in which kept me from leaving the house. This took the term ‘socially awkward teen’ to new heights. Some may argue that we played too many games during this portion of my life but I say games showed me the world that I was opting to miss out on due to fear that I now know was irrational. Needless to say, having a lot of time in the house and not as much of a social life; I had some time on my hands. During this time I took my childhood interest in sewing and taught myself how to actually sew, design, craft garments and costumes. I found comfort in creating just as Sarah not only perused her career but also learned how to cook (and I mean REALLY cook!).

How did I put my anxiety disorder on the back burner? Sarah was my biggest supporter. Her modeling/ acting career was seeing success and she was experiencing new things. She convinced me to look for something to do that I would like too. her world was on fire and I wasn't about to let her have all of the fun. I needed to find an outlet of my own to love. I’ve always had a love for writing (that’s why I’m writing this to all of you guys and not Sarah lol). So I looked for online work and started writing about video games. I fell in love with it. I had so much love in my life that my anxiety levels weren’t the first thing on my mind anymore. I had new things to think about, people I wanted to meet and conventions I learned about that I wanted to attend.

Spears Sisters Cosplay Fun:

I gradually started doing things, broke out of my shell and grew. I took note of Sarah’s confidence and together we used our love for gaming and Cosplay to get out and experience new things. I started being able to go out to conventions and things because I liked surrounding myself with people who had the same love as me. I have grown in so many ways and want to continue my journey of growth while showing others that they can overcome life’s many obstacles too.

Let me have you know that writing this has proven to be a bit tougher than I thought but it was worth it. It’s worth it because I want anyone who is feeling down or those that might not believe that life will get better to hear a story about how it only takes love and confidence to find some happiness. Sisterhood, video games, sewing and crafting is our love. Cosplay and modeling is our confidence.

Heather and Sarah Patron Shoot:

As I stated above, me and Sarah both work. Sarah is a working model and actress; I am a video game journalist / writer (I also have a small etsy store). Our income is limited due to the instability of payments in both of our lines of work on top of the fact that both require an immense amount of time. We find ourselves constantly investing time into trying to earn enough money to simply live which takes away from being able to work on new costumes and other related ideas. Every spare cent we have is used to try and deliver more content. If we had a larger income we would have the ability to create not just more content but also higher quality content for our fans.

We choose Patreon because we want to give our fans a choice. We want you guys to have the option to support us but also have the ability to reap rewards that we can give. We want our fans to feel valued because we love each and every one of you. Under no circumstance do we want any of our fans to feel obligated to contribute. With that being said, we want those who can or decide to contribute to be rewarded with exclusive content we create exclusively to Patreon. We don’t want free money, we just want to provide what we can for those who choose to help provide for us.

Above all, we want each and every one of our fans to know that me and Sarah cosplay for a reason that is dear to us. We do it to show strength and confidence that we hope can benefit the lives of others who might need a boost. We do it to show that despite hardships we are undefeated in life. We are forever bonded and hope to provide strength to others who are still looking for their happiness.

-Heather on behave of The Spears Sisters

Rules/ Things to Know:

  • All Tiers unlock all previous rewards.
  • Each of our Photoshoots have guaranteed Patreon exclusive shots.
  • On Tiers that promise ‘Just-for-you’ it truly means for your eyes only. That means we will not share the content with anyone else, it will not be posted via social media. It will be sent directly to you. 
  • Patreon giveaways are completely separate than giveaways that we host on social media. The only means of entering a Patreon giveaway is by being a Patreon. (nothing else will ever be required) Socail media giveaways have different requirements which are detailed when they are posted. All Patreons are encouraged, not restricted, to participate in social media giveaways.
  • We reserve the right to end contact with any Patreon that contacts us inappropriately. We will stop interaction if things get weird or uncomfortable. The rule applies to every Tier that admits direct interaction with us including but not limited to video chat, in-game voice chats and text conversation. it is put in order to keep us safe not to discourage anyone from communication.

Mailing Details:

On tiers that have mail-out options, as well as for the winners of our giveaways, it is important to note that we will mail out your items after the monthly fee is processed. This is done to assure that our Patreons are treated equally and get the appropriate rewards for their pledge.

Cosplay Release Schedule:

Each month both Sarah and Heather plan on having a new duo cosplay as well as two individual cosplay photoshoots. That’s a total of 4 new cosplay’s a month! While this is definitely the goal, there will be some times when the schedule may run over depending on the difficulty of the costume, photoshoot weather and other unplanned incidents. Regardless, The Spears Sisters are prepared to keep delivering new and exciting content for fans each and every month on both social media and Patreon platforms.

Multiplayer Gaming Session Details:

On Tier 5 and above we promise at least 1 multiplayer gaming session per month. We set up gaming sessions by letting this Tier know which game we will be playing and times we will be playing them. Although Tier 4 does unlock our full Patreon feed, posts about setting up gaming sessions will be restricted to Tier 5 and above. The set-up of our gaming sessions is done through comments on these posts on our Patreon feed.

It is the Patreon’s responsibility to set up the gaming multiplayer session with us. Some games will be competitive multiplayer and others will be cooperative. Gaming sessions vary between group sessions and one-on-one depending on our sign up post. We mostly keep our Patreon gaming sessions to the more popular games to assure that those who pledge have a lot of opportunity to have mutual content thus the ability to play with us. We can only play with those who have mutual games and consoles so please keep this in mind when opting to participate in Tier 5 and above.

Gaming sessions are each at least 1 hour long.

Custom Digital Art Explanation:

Higher Tiers and some giveaways promise custom digital art. Heather is a digital artist (yes, she has gone through relevant schooling and such) Anyway there are two options if this award applies to you. You can either have a custom piece of art created by Heather featuring one of our cosplays (it’ll be a ‘just-for-you’ art piece) or you can submit your own photo and tell her the concept you wish the edit to be done in and she will complete it for you. Your wish is our command!

Giveaway Details:

We host frequent exclusive giveaways here on Patreon that include signed prints, costume giveaways, personalized art, event swag and so much more. The frequency of our giveaway does vary but is intended to be held at least every other month with the hopes of making monthly or even weekly giveaways as our Patreon grows.
Please keep in mind that we will begin hosting giveaways once our page has at least 5 Patreons in total. As we are writing this we are very new to Patreon. With that being said we will try to deliver high quality giveaways despite the newness of our page.

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