The Steampunk Grizzlies

is creating video game live streams, interaction with the audience, and salt
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Nigel's Decoder Ring
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You'll get access to our patron- only feed, were we'll announce some really cool super secret stuff, such as contests and more!
Sassy's Monthly Drawing
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Monthly art drawn by Sassy
You will receive art from Sassy that will only be for that month and you'll get a shoutout during a stream. These can be sent physical or digital cards, depending on your individual preference. If you don't specify, it will be digital by default.

  • Monthly art piece made by Sassy
  • Nigel's Decoder Ring
Become a member of the Squirrel Armada!
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Not only do you get access to the previous perks, but you'll become part of the Squirrel Armada. You will receive a Certificate of Authen-squirrel-icity and will be considered an honorary squirrel. You can vote on the next game.

  • Monthly art piece made by Sassy
  • Certificate of Aunthen-Squirrel-Icity
  • Nigel's Decoder Ring




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About The Steampunk Grizzlies

What we are
Welcome aboard! We are the Steampunk Grizzlies, a husband and wife collaborative variety twitch channel and masterminds of the Squirrel Armada. I am Captain Grizz and my wife is Sassy (that's her actual moniker... not just her attitude... just sayin'...ahem). I am a cantankerous, irreverent, ill-tempered, sarcastic, salty old gamer. I love talking to people in the stream and in chat, as well as invite them to join in some of the games.

What we do
We stream on twitch, providing gaming commentary while interacting with our friends, audience, and whoever else wants to hear our insane, agitated, coffee fueled rants.We promote a chill environment and a solid and friendly community within our streams. We want you to come hang out, make a few friends, and have a good laugh. 

How you can help
We love interacting with the people who show up to our streams. We want to keep doing what we're doing and want to do it profesionally. (right now this is a duct tape and old newspaper operation. I know. What's a "newspaper"?) And want to provide a much better experience for everyone. We also need help to keep the lights on and a roof over our heads. Unfortunately that takes money. That's where you come in. You can help us on this journey to make our dreams come true. Anything will help and we would love the support you would be showing us. It would help validate this as a proper career choice especially since I can't get any work. (outside of being salty at games for a living) So come check out our twitch channel and see that madness that is our stream
$0 of $100 per month
New supplies and equipment and stuff and things
This will help keep the video game library fresh and help get new art supplies and better equipment. It will also help keep the lights on and a roof over our heads. We want to make the experience better for you and need your help to do it!
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