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About TheStonedShroom

Hey Hey and hallo! Thanks for visiting my Patreon Page!

I'm TheStonedShroom just Stoned or Shroom for short from Germany.
I guess you found this page, because you've already reading one of my comics

 The Game Psychologist(Gaming/Comedy)

Tales of the Shroom(Comedy)

You Decide: Zombie Outbreak (Interactive Survival Comic)

I draw since my childhood, to be honest i never though that creating comics is a thing i would enjoy, but damn i was so wrong!
I love to work on my Webcomics, interact with your ideas and to share them with you all!
But it also consumes a huge amount of time. 
Like the stupid old phrase says "Time is Money"
but sadly it's true you can't  eat air or even pay your bills with it, :(
so i need YOUR HELP even a small pleadge is a great step for me
on my way to  make a living out of  my comics!

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With this you will  help me to become a full time Webcomic Creator/Artist! 
So i can put even more time and effort in it <3
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