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Currently we rake in the dough through contract art jobs for big companies. These jobs pay the bills and keep us and our families fed. We wont lie, we get paid good for what we do. $550 per day good. However that means we aren't making cartoons for our youtube channel! If our fans raise, through patreon, a modest 10K per month consistently, we could career shift to fulltime youtuber! This would mean that we could release our videos at a much higher frequency! 10K per month would encourage us to turn down high paying jobs, and instead work on our youtube videos and WORLD PEACE! 

Think of it like this, our Mario Mind Rhyme music video, took 2 years to produce because it had zero funding; just imagine how much faster we could have produced and released the video if we had just $1. Well, maybe $1 wouldn't have made that much a difference. However that dollar would still mean something. Bottom line is, if we are bought and paid for by our fans, we wouldn't have to accept contract work any more, and our time could then be spent on developing content for our channel.
$0 of $10,000 per month
We are creating funny cartoons for our youtube channel. These are not cheap, and they are always carefully well crafted. This involves writing, artwork and animation, as well as sitting on the toilet and thinking A LOT about ideas for cartoons! The 10,000 per month funds us as we produce more videos and helps us release videos faster.
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