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You're a simple witness of our influence, eager to hear more. You'll get a couple of our pins of old and new designs, and a CD signed by the band.
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You know the influence of the Machine, and you spread it's influence among the unknowing.  You will receive a signed CD of Dark Chamber, a few of our pins of old and new designs, and some concept artwork and lyrics. 
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The beacon of reminding rattles through your veins as you feel your body begin to change.  You will receive all previous tier benefits, and a free download of our new album, song by song as we produce it. 




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If you've made it this far, you've clearly found your way past the tenebrous carapace.

For fans who know what we're about, welcome to the mouth of the Black Machine. For those who have never heard of us, we're a death/doom metal band from Houston Texas. Our music follows the sordid narrative of the first four witnesses to the carnivorous Machine of the Blue Light Forest. Based on a true story! (:

Join us as we take our first steps into taking our music to a real recording studio. This is where the patrons come in, as you all know how pricey recording and creating in general can be. We're helping that with all of your help, we can begin routinely producing quality music and music videos for you all to lose your minds to.
We can't wait to see our patrons grow and include you all in this journey that we're embarking on.
Thank you all, 
The Tenebrian Machine
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At 500 bucks we'll definitely be able to start working on taking the new album to the studio song by song which is a huge step for us. As promised, every Patron will be listed and thanked in the new album, and we'll release some little video docs of the recording in the process and thanking all the Patrons personally.
More to come.
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