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About TheTrutherGirls

Hi everyone! My name is Sonia, aka TrutherGirl Sonia, I have been creating video reports on Youtube for 8 years. If you like hype, look elsewhere because I do my research in-depth and report the facts. I also make videos about autism and autism parenting and other aspects of my life and I like to keep a sense of humor about things.

You can see my videos here on my Youtube channel.

The MSM and their corporate sponsors have waged war on independent and alternative media. They are trying to silence us through censorship, shadow-banning, and having our videos demonetized just for broaching what they call 'sensitive' subjects.

Welcome to my Video Academy! As a reward to my patrons, I will post videos here showing you how you can make high-quality videos of your own. Donations of more than the basic amount will secure access to behind-the-scenes process videos that will give you extra tips on filming and editing. Higher donations will also get you into the monthly patrons-only livestream or a private Skype chat with me.

My family relies on me to provide for them. Youtube is not helping anymore. Your help through Patreon is needed, and very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Right now my goal is to replace my Youtube earnings so that I can pay for my family's needs.
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