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About Phillip Dancy

A Big City Kid Doing Outdoor Stuff!

I grew up with asphalt, basketball, and video games. I ran around outside - but it was almost exclusively on the concrete. 

Now that I am older, I am growing to love all things outdoors. But, how does a 40+ year old learn the skills needed for camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and hunting? It isn't like I go and join the Boy Scouts at this age! 

I know several other "grown-ups" just like me that are having to learn almost everything from scratch. Most adults are usually too embarrassed to look this silly this far into life. But not me! 

I am here to ask the "dumb questions," to do things wrong, to learn from my mistakes, and hopefully help some other newbies not mess up the same way as me. 

Want to go outside, city-slicker? Then come join the fun. 
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I want to make sure the camera quality is top notch. Help me get the gear!
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