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About the Organization
The Urban Blueprint is a hybrid, social justice organization that consists of Urban Renaissance, the nonprofit side, and Urban Towers, the for profit, each with multiple strategies. Our primary mission is to effectively end discrimination in America. We are multi-faceted, as we must be, as White Supremacy is exponentially multi-faceted. Our strategies will impact hundreds of thousands of people at a time. We’ll be the leader in programs and strategies in the salvation of Black America. We know that we can win.

About Me
My name is Mark Young. This journey began for me in 2006 when I wrote the book, “Hindered: The Fall & Impending Rise of Black America.” At that time, I had the idea of writing ten books. But as I dug deeper into available statistics and readings, I realized that Black America is facing a very real extinction situation. With virtually no media attention at all, our condition is almost a secret to the masses of people. My efforts then morphed into The Urban Blueprint. We will lead the charge in ending discrimination in America.

How the Money Will be Used
Our goal is self-sufficiency in 5 years. We have several excellent revenue ideas, such as a clothing concept that was wooed by two major national retail chains. We need the money for equipment leases, trademarks and getting our first four programs started. The Date B4 the Prom and Blueprint 99 are non-profit programs, while The American Youth Business Centers and City Books & DVDs are for-profit, each with the capability to get us well on our way to self-sufficiency. Help us to get us started, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What’s in It for You
Of course, everyone that contributes to The Urban Blueprint will get a receipt. All donations to Urban Renaissance are tax-deductible. If you donate $10 dollars or more, you will also get a copy of The Pledge, which represents the collective commitment to the call to duty of this cause. There’s also two tee shirt packages available, and we ask that you go to to take a look at them. And let’s not forget that awesome feeling of pride and accomplishment simply by getting involved. The time is now!
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