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The VG Resource

Hey guys, my name is Daniel "Dazz" Brown, and I'm the admin and owner of The VG Resource, a collection of 4 different websites:
The Spriters Resource

The Models Resource

The Textures Resource

The Sounds Resource

We update the sites as frequently as we can, and manage the submissions to the best of our abilities. We spend countless hours working to make sure that content is top quality, and frequent. We have a dedicated community of people who are all simply interested in the same cause - to provide a free resource for fan creations, and learning materials for others to create their own content.

Luckily, advertising pays for the server costs that we incur. And I love that - running this website, motivating others to be creative, and entertaining people with free content. It's a passion that I've sought after my whole life and I'm glad that it has finally come about. However - fitting in the management of the sites around the rest of my life and other projects isn't an easy task, and online advertising revenue is never reliable in terms of a figure it'll pay out. Some months are great, other months, not so much. We want to expand, but as it stands, I simply cannot afford to do that without deeply impacting other aspects of my life. This is why I'm asking you to help me through Patreon, if you can, and donate to the cause. With Patreon, you can contribute whatever you like and support the work that I do on these websites. 

I want to state now that, should we not earn anything through Patreon, nothing will change. Our content will always be free, it won't disappear, and you will always have access to it.

We currently have no rewards for contributions, but we plan to create some should the campaign be successful. This gives you guys an incentive to help us out, if you want, and it makes us feel great for giving something back to those that wish to help out!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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