The Wandering Bard

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For five golden crowns when the moon is new, I pledge to you my heart
For only with your backing can I continue with my art
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Ten crowns each month for my gratitude is money aptly spent
And with each new work that I release, save twenty five percent
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For twenty golden crowns each month, I shall speak on your behalf
You have my word, you have my oath, you will have my works at half




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If you give me your faith and you give me your coin,
I will promise to harness them both
In return for your love and your generous gift,
In return, I shall swear you this oath:

"In sickness or health, or in anything else,
I promise, I'll always make art
And I'll tell you my stories, as well as I can,
Each one of them straight from my heart

And I'll wander alone, to the edge of the world
'Neath the moon and the sun and the stars
But I'll never forget you, no matter how far
Forever, your Wandering Bard"
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You need not pledge a single dime, I must seek it all the same
The blade no eye has ever seen, an edge with many names
The Shiv of Shadows, the Dirk of Darkness, the dagger the Ancients cursed
I'm on my way to the temple now...
But your backing will not hurt
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