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Whenever I release a map, pack, or module you will have access to it in multiple resolutions measured by pixels per 5 foot grid. 50 and 100 for VTT use, 70 and 140 for Roll20, and 200 or 300 depending on what I can manage for high resolution.




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About This Page

I create Battlemaps for Tabletop RPGs (such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder). My emphasis is on making maps aesthetically pleasing and coherent while keeping ease of readability. My goal is to make maps that are fun and interesting

I try to have maps that tell stories and engage the imagination. I am always stretching myself to try to do something new. I give my thoughts and tips on running my maps but am constantly blown away by what you come up with, and I love to hear your take on my maps.

I try to release a map (or set of maps) every weekend, but life may get in the way from time to time, which is why I opted to charge per creation as I don't want to charge patrons when I have not produced anything, and it also allows patrons to decide how many creations they want to support per month. I also will post updates to let you know this project is still alive and where I am headed with it every weekend, whether I put out a map that week or not.

I love feed back so please feel free to comment on any post or message me directly with any questions, comments or concerns!

Current Projects

Generic Map Packs 
Once a month I plan to release a pack of maps centered around a theme, such as different types of caves, forest scenes, empty dungeons, etc. The idea behind this series is to get a large number of maps that can be quickly dropped into a session when needed (such as random encounters or the party going off the rails).

Mega Dungeon
Once a month I plan to release another section/floor of my Mega Dungeon. I also plan to include bonus rooms so the individual sections can be contained for smaller dungeons.

Patron Voted Map of the Month
Once a month I hold a week long poll of map ideas I have or have been suggested by my patrons, and which ever idea gets the most votes I make. These maps tend to be bigger and more complex, usually containing multiple maps for the location with some sort of interesting mechanics involved.

About Goals

I don't really do much with goals as I am doing the most I can with the time I have. Until I can make this more of a job and less of a side hobby goals will be far and few between. The goals I do put up will also take into account funds I am receiving from other platforms, so we may hit goals far before it looks like we do from this platform. Currently I am working things out to bring an artist on board, when I iron out those details a goal will be set based on the compensation needed.

About This Me

I am The Well Dressed Viking! I was having trouble coming up with a handle for this project, then I reached back into my past, all the way to the MySpace age. I had a sweet profile picture of long bearded/haired me in a suit with a huge sword, that picture is lost now, but the name remains.

I currently do have a full time job as well as a family to take care of and many projects to do around the house but I try to fit in as much mapping as I can as I love this hobby. However, I cannot justify mapping for no reason so I started up this Patreon so I can share my maps with the community, and if people like what I am making they can support me here. Maybe someday in the future I can do this full time, until then I am having a blast making maps for this community as a hobby.

A question that often comes up is what program/assets do I use. I use Campaign Cartographer and most of my assets are from the great Mike Schley. So please go check those out!

Use of My Maps

My work falls under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
Which means you are free to use, edit, and share my work non-commercially, as in you cannot make money off of it.

There is a grey area if you are a for hire GM or you are steaming games and receiving monetary compensation. If you are my patron, I have no problems with you using my maps in this manner as long as you are not selling the maps directly. If you are streaming, I would love a shout out, but of course this is not required.

Most of all when using my maps, I want you to have fun!
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I will begin talks with an artist I know to bring in custom assets to my maps and to you, my patrons. I will commission art work to bring before my patrons for a vote before making any final decisions.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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